Catch the Wind

Outdoor Exhibit
Opens at 10:00 am
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We can feel the wind, but we might not always understand the full impact of this important force of nature! Sail a sailboat, catch seeds as they float to the ground, launch vapor rings, observe birds in flight — these are just a few of the ways you can explore how people, animals, and plants move with the air in Catch the Wind

Also make sure to check out the popular Into the Mist exhibit within the Catch the Wind area. 

Sailboat Pond

Captain a radio-controlled boat in a beautiful 5,000-square-foot elliptical sailboat pond. On our sailboat table, choose a sail, put it on your boat, and see how your design moves with the wind. How will different sail shapes impact your boat’s journey?

Take Off! Bungee Trampoline

Experience a bird’s-eye view of Catch the Wind as you sail skyward aided by the kinetic energy of bungee cords. Open through September, weather permitting: Saturdays 11am–4pm; Sundays 12–4pm. Additional fee required; purchase tickets at admissions desk or at ride. 

Seed Tower

Launch giant seed models and watch them float, parachute, tumble, spin and glide to the ground as you explore the aerodynamics of seeds. The longer a seed stays in the air, the further the wind can carry it from the parent plant and the better chance it has of surviving. Make predictions and see how far each shape will travel.