Tinkering Series: Microcontrollers 301

12/08/2018, 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM

10 per Ticket map


Microcontrollers 301

Prices: $10 per ticket*
*Does not include admission to the Museum.

December 8 from 12:30pm–2pm

Ages: For ages 11 & older**
**Participants, including those under 18, are welcome to come on their own or with their family!

Once a month, join our team of expert educators as you develop skills that create real-world connections to science, technology, and engineering. Collaborate with other enthusiasts and grow your abilities through three separate workshops that build on each other.

Explore microcontrollers - essentially computers smaller than your hand - and learn how to write code for them! Microcontrollers 301 is designed for participants with coding experience. We’ll continue delving into the capabilities of Hummingbird Arduinos as we work together to create robots that move, light up, and use sensors to respond to the environment!

Required prerequisite - Microcontrollers 101 or 201*
*Participants must have completed Microcontrollers 101 or 201

Members receive UNLIMITED admission all year long!