The Lab

09/14/2017, 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM


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Sunday–Saturday, 10:30am–4:30pm
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August 28-September 3 - Bubbles
Experiment with soapy science in The Lab and discover what makes a strong bubble!

September 4-September 10 - Exercise Science
Exercise Science- Come test your strength in The Lab! Learn how exercise helps each part of your body and watch as your skin heats up and cools off.

September 11-September 17 - Science of Circuits
Let’s tinker in the Lab! Explore what makes a good conductor or a good insulator while creating your own circuits.

September 18-September 24 - Science of the Heart
Discover what makes up your blood and put your own heart to the test!

September 25-Octopber 1 - Life of a Leaf
Take a closer look at why leaves are so important! Learn how color and the shape of leaves help the trees.

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