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Atlas Moth

Is it a moth or is it a snake?

The Atlas moth is one of the most unique species in the Magic Wings Butterfly House. The word atlas often implies something is huge and strong - like the Atlas Mountains in Maghreb or the Titan Atlas in Greek mythology condemned to hold up the sky for eternity. The Atlas moth lives up to its name with a wingspan as large as 12 inches across and a surface area of 62 inches - roughly the size of an average man’s hands put together.

The Atlas moth is also frequently referred to as the “snake’s head” moth because the extensions at the top of its wings looks like the heads of a snake, which is a mimicry for a defense mechanism. Keep an eye out for an Atlas moth next time you visit us - you might notice the absence of scales on certain parts of its wings where you can look straight through!

Did you know you can get up close and personal with our tropical butterflies and Butterfly House staff? Check out our calendar for the next opportunity to Go Behind the Scenes and learn what it takes to keep our butterflies thriving.

facts about the atlas moth

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