Bite-sized activities
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Bite-sized science

These downloadable, printable at-home science activities are perfect for curious minds at home (or anywhere).


Black ink chromatographybLACK INK CHROMATOGRAPHY

Chromatography is a process of separating a mixture into various components.

Build a biomeBuild a biome

Build your own tiny biome with materials from around your home

dino nest iconBuild a Dinosaur Nest

Build your own nest for "dinosaur eggs" you can find in your own neighborhood

Bug Hotel

Bug Hotel

A bug hotel is an artificial habitat we can make for bugs to live in our garden.

Bonseki salt painting

Bonseki salt painting

Creating a Bonseki masterpiece is an exercise in tinkering (trying out different methods and materials without worrying too much about the end goal) and a great way to connect with nature.

Cartesian Diver

Cartesian diver

Density describes how tightly matter is packed into an object. Explore density with some household items.

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Constellation TubesConstellation tubes

Constellation tubes allow you to see what your unique constellation would look like if you were looking through a telescope. Create your own view of a galaxy inside a paper tube.

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Creating Craters

Creating Craters

Impact craters form when a meteorite collides with the surface of a moon or planet.

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Earthquake testing

Earthquake testing

Build a structure and test if it would survive an earthquake

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Electrostatic Bubbles

Electrostatic Bubbles

Static electricity is the buildup or increase of an electrical charge on the surface of an object

Engineering Parachutes

Engineering Parachutes

Become an engineer by designing a miniature parachute!

Evaporation Exploration

Evaporation Exploration

In this activity, we’re going to do some experimentation with evaporation and colors!

Finding FingerprintsFinding Fingerprints

Investigate fingerprints and how to find them using items from around your home

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Floating and Sinking

Floating and sinking

Explore the science of buoyancy with objects from around your home 

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Gravity Painting

Gravity painting

Gravity is a force that is always present

Guess the Shadow

Guess the Shadow

Experiment with light and shadows with items in your home

ice fishing iconIce fishing

Experiment with freezing points to go fishing for ice cubes with a string

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ice tower iconIce Tower Excavation

Learn to work as an archeologist and excavate items from a giant ice cube

Make a CompassMake a compass

We’re going to play with the Earth’s magnetic field and make our very own compass, we’ll even explore the surface tension of water as a bonus!

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rainbow iconMake a rainbow

You don't have to wait for the perfect day to see a rainbow. With a glass of water, paper, and a flashlight, you can make your own!

sundial iconMake your own sundial

Create your own sundial to tell time, using everyday household items. Consider how it works, how it might tell time differently in other seasons, and how you might be able to tell time with the dial without seeing the numbers.

Make your own WindvaneMake your Own Windvane

Have you ever wanted to be a meteorologist? Build your own weathervane and examine wind direction in different areas

Making ThaumatropesMaking Thaumatropes

Thaumatropes are a cool visual activity that combines art and science—and demonstrates how artists draw many cartoons with an illusion of apparent motion.

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Marshmallow shapesMarshmallow Shapes

You can use toothpicks and marshmallows to create geometric shapes!

Nature of DensityNature of Density

Experiment with density using items you find outside

Plant TranspirationPlant Transpiration

Evaporation is the physical process where water will change from a liquid state into a gas.

Pollen CountsPollen Counts

This activity will help illustrate how pollinators carry and distribute pollen!

Pulse PointerPulse pointer

Investigate your heart rate, or pulse, is the number of times your heart beats per minute.

Self-popping bagSelf popping bag

In chemistry, a chemical reaction is a reaction that causes the molecules in two or more substances to rearrange creating all-new molecules.

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Sidewalk Constellation

sidewalk constellations

Draw your very own nighttime wonderland while learning about the starry night

Silent Sound CountSilent Sound Count Map

Heighten your observation skills with your natural surroundings. The world is full of activity that often goes unnoticed! This is a calming, quiet activity.

Soapy Boats

Soapy Boats

Experiment with surface tension and get clean hands at the same time

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Tree Investigations

Tree investigations

North Carolina is home to many different species of trees, and we’re going to observe the ones we can find in nature around our house!

walking water iconWalking Water

Explore the science of capillary action and color mixing by moving water between cups

Water Xylophone

Water xylophone

Sound is made when an object moves back and forth very quickly, making a vibration

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