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Tinker Works

11/04/2016 - 11/20/2016

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Put your hands and minds to work in Tinker Works. Come check out our pop-up exhibit, where anyone can invent and iterate with surprising materials. Tinker with circuits, fiber, building supplies, and more in our re-fabbed Contraptions room. What will you create?

Part of our Contraptions and Keva exhibit galleries will be converted into a special tinkering space for two weeks in November. Don’t worry -- your favorite blocks and gadgets will still be available for play, we’re just going to add more materials for you to build and tinker with.

  • Building Zone: Large-scale “Thinker Linker” planks and “Big Builder” cardboard pieces for you to construct whatever you can imagine.

  • Fiber Arts: Weave away! Practice your over-under on our large-scale loom. Create your own pom-poms and pot-holders. Take your art piece home, or leave it behind to contribute to the community installation.

  • Circuits: Experiment with our collection of circuit blocks to make your custom combination of buzzers, motors and lights switch into action. Work together with a group to complete a human circuit as electricity flows through your bodies.

  • Chain Reactions: Build something that does something! We’ll have extra special materials and challenges added to our normal Contraptions collection for these two weeks only.

Each activity area will have materials available for drop-in exploration during all open hours. There will be extended facilitated activities rotating through each area on a daily basis during our Science Together program times (Tuesdays - Fridays, 9:30-11:30am). Come back more than once to have a chance to do everything.


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