Today: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Climbing Higher Campaign

Our vision for this campaign is to make bold changes in how children and families experience and learn about the natural world. Creating environments to support wonder and curiosity will help us grow in learning and service for our community. 

With generous donor support, we have built Hideaway Woods, Gateway Park and a new classroom. Thanks to our vision and your investment, children and families have more opportunities for discovery and exploration, from the tree tops to the forest floor, or in one of our camps or classes in the new classroom. We are on our way! 

Join us for the next step in our vision – Earth Moves, a ground-breaking outdoor environment for exploring earth and environmental sciences. You will be able to get your hands on powerful natural forces including erosion, moving water, earth moving equipment, blast erosion with water under pressure and more. The focus is on real world applications in an authentic setting –doing dynamic experiments, using excavators to understand earth moving, how water moves and does work, or how a solar powered fan can keep you cooler in the summer. In Earth Moves, visitors will experience the forms and forces that shape the Earth through natural processes, and experience how humans use the earth.

To join the Climbing Higher campaign, or to learn more about the plans for Earth Moves, call Julie Ketner-Rigby at (919) 220-5429 ext. 317 or email