A kid in a face mask
COVID-19 Mask Requirements

Mask requirements

(Updated 5.7.2021)

Face masks are now optional for fully vaccinated visitors while outdoors at the Museum of Life and Science. For all guests over the age of five who are not vaccinated, we recommend face masks outdoors when they cannot maintain a six-foot distance from other groups.

Indoors, we still require masks for all guests five and older, regardless of vaccination status. The Museum will not allow exemptions or exceptions to the indoor mask requirements.

We still require a minimum of six-foot physical distance between groups at the Museum, both indoors and outdoors.

Also, when you are required to wear a mask, please wear it over your nose and mouth.

Examples of do's and don'ts for masks


Common questions about our updated mask policies

(Updated 4.30.2021)

  • Why the change in mask policy? These updated mask policies follow the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • What qualifies as vaccinated? Visitors are “fully vaccinated” two weeks after receiving the Johnson & Johnson shot or the second of the Pfizer/Moderna shots.
  • If I’m vaccinated, do I still need to wear masks indoors? We still require face masks indoors at the Museum, regardless of vaccination status. North Carolina guidance also requires face masks to be worn indoors.
  • We still require six-foot physical distancing between groups at the Museum, both inside and outside. So for everyone’s sake, please do your best to give other families and groups plenty of space.
  • Guests will not be required to prove their vaccination status with documentation or paperwork. We will count on visitors to follow our mask policies in good faith, based on their vaccination status.
  • In addition to inside the main building, we require face masks in restrooms, the Sprout Cafe, and the Butterfly House. So even if guests plan to spend most of their visit outdoors, we ask that they bring face masks for everyone in their group, as they may want to enter these indoor spaces beyond the main building.
  • Capacity restrictions remain in effect, which will help minimize crowding at the Museum.
  • Staff will monitor some exhibits, including Hideaway Woods, Earth Moves, and Play to Learn, to help keep them from being over-crowded and encourage safe distancing. We appreciate your patience if we may need to ask visitors to wait briefly before enjoying some of these exhibits.
  • Finally, if a Museum staff member reminds you or someone in your group to wear a mask, please be kind and respectful. Our team members are trying to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

What about visitors with special needs or health conditions that do not allow them to wear masks?

The Museum of Life and Science is firmly committed to serving and providing outstanding experiences to guests of all needs and abilities. We are proud and honored to host sensory-friendly programs and events throughout the year. However, during these unique and challenging circumstances, as all of us navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot make exceptions to our mask requirements. For the safety of all visitors and staff members, the Museum believes we need to adhere to a strict mask policy for everyone five and older.

We understand that this requirement is challenging for many of our guests. It may make it impossible for some guests to visit during this time. We regret that we can’t be more inclusive at this moment. It pains us to think that we would need to turn anyone away from the Museum. We apologize for the disappointment and frustration this causes for any guest who cannot visit and adhere to the mask requirements.

However, health and safety are our top priorities, above all else right now. We will welcome back all visitors with open arms once these mask restrictions are no longer necessary.