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Valentine's Day at the Museum


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The Museum is celebrating Valentine’s Day and you can join the fun! Our keepers will provide the animals with a full day of special Valentine’s-themed enrichment from The Farmyard to Explore the Wild. Visitors will also have a chance to show their love. We’ll have materials available to create and decorate valentines for your friends and family—or leave one for your favorite Museum animal!

Want to create your valentine at home? Download our free animal themed valentines and decorate them for those you love! 

What does enrichment mean?

Keeping our animals stimulated is as important as providing the right food and medical care. When the keepers provide enrichment it allows our animals to do things that keep them physically and mentally fit; this can include everything from adding new climbing structures and hiding food in the exhibit to introducing the animals to new sounds and smells. You may see lots of new items in the exhibit spaces for the animals to explore!

Keeper Talks:

10:30am    Farmyard
11:30am    Wolves
1:30pm      Lemurs
2pm            Bears
4pm            Carolina Wildlife

Want to give a valentine that will make a difference all year long?

When you purchase something off of the Animal Department's wish list, you help provide enrichment and treats to your favorite animals. Be sure to read the notes beside many of the listed items to learn who the gifts will go to and how they're used! 

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