The Lab

11/10/2018, 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Weekly on Sunday,Saturday

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What to Expect

Tuesday–Friday, 10:30am–2:30pm
Sunday–Saturday, 10:30am–4:30pm
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November 1-5 - Biomedical
Come into The Lab and help us engineer improvements to medicine. We are looking at medicines from antacids to pill coatings. Can you find the best design?

November 7-12 - Carnivorous Plants
Explore the meat eaters of the plant world. Find out how they trap their prey and help us find out what makes the best digestive juices.

November 14-19 - Sandy Shores
Although we don’t always notice it, water has a major impact on the earth around us. Join us to learn about how water erosion shapes the world and use NC State’s Sand Box AR to virtually create your own waterways.

November 20-26 - Salty Science
Where does salt come from? Learn all about this amazing crystal by peering through microscopes and creating a painting to take home!

November 27 - December 3 - Cranberry Chemistry
Investigate the properties of this tart Thanksgiving treat by revealing secret messages and peering through microscopes!

December 4-10 - Holiday Lights
The holidays are here and that means lights! Create your own circuit of holiday lights and explore the combinations of ornaments you can make.

December 11-17 - Cookie Chemistry
Discover the science behind baking as we mix things up in the Lab! Let’s figure out how cakes and cookies can be so fluffy by brewing up a bubbling batch of chemical concoctions.

December 18-31 - Holiday Labs [alternating]

Holiday Tinkering
Play and tinker in The Lab, holiday style! See they many ways you can create your own ornaments.

Snow Science
Let’s explore what makes snowflakes so unique! How do ice crystals compare to the crystals of other minerals? Get an up-close look at different crystals using our microscopes, then learn the chemistry behind real and fake snow!

Warm in Winter
How do you keep warm in the winter? What about different animals? In this lab, we'll use a calorimeter and a cold environment to investigate the ways that we stay nice and toasty. Build an experimental coat out of different fabrics, then look at real animal coats under the microscope!

Arctic Architecture
We will be building in the Lab today! Rise to the challenge and build igloos and gingerbread houses that will stand up to our tests.


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