clock 10 am – 5 pm
A boy runs through a room that plays sounds.
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Turn your best dance moves into sounds with our one-of-a-kind interactive dance floor. Jump, skip, or roll—will your movement sound like marimbas or harps? The amount and type of motion in each area of the dance floor changes the intensity and volume of the experience! Watch as your actions guide shapes on a projected screen, creating abstract art tied to your specific location and movement.

Soundspace was developed in collaboration with Duke Arts and the Duke University Department of Music, the Visual Studies Initiative, and the Visualization Technology Group.

How does it work?

Soundspace features nine overhead cameras that send information to an image processing computer. Special camera software detects the location, speed, and kinds of movement in the room. Motion is converted into a stream of data and the computer uses this information to generate the sounds and images you hear and see. This computerized environment merges art and science, letting you explore new methods of interacting with sound, imagery, and space.

A young boy runs across a black floor with a white grid.

Falling Sand

Explore what happens when you use your body to cast shadows on this wall. Colorful sand piles up around you as you make shapes against the screen. What’s happening here? A camera detects your shadow and creates real-time images of sand that react to the shapes you make. Sand piles up where there are curves in the shadows.

Two kids make shadows against a wall while colorful sand images fall around them.