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“When things are scary, look for the helpers.”
— Fred Rogers

We’re profoundly grateful to all of the helpers in our community in these challenging times.

We’ve never been more proud to be part of the global community that promotes scientific knowledge and understanding. We want to do our part!

Please join us in making scientific learning experiences available to children and families through a gift to support our work in the days ahead.

Your gift will help us to:

  • Share quality science-based activities online, in both English and Spanish, on a regular basis so that families throughout our community have access to meaningful learning experiences.
  • Connect with community members to ensure that our content addresses their learning needs.
  • Create new programming to address the learning loss that students — especially our most vulnerable — will suffer as a result of lost classroom time.
  • Continue to provide the best care for our teaching animals and insects.
  • Maintain essential services for our Museum buildings and 84-acres of outdoor space.
  • Employ essential staff so that we’re prepared to re-open our doors as soon as we safely can.

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