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The Lab

Indoor Exhibit
Opens at 10:00 am

In the Lab, we believe that everyone is part of the scientific community. We invite all learners to participate in current science by questioning evidence deeply, employing consistent methods, and pushing the boundaries of our knowledge. We honor a responsibility to  connect learners with professional scientists and ongoing research.

The Lab Hours:

The Lab is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: 10am - 12pm, 1pm - 3pm
(Closed Mondays Labor Day - Memorial Day)

Forensic WeekForensic Week – The Museum is full of mysteries and we need your help to investigate them! Collect clues, analyze evidence with the scientific method, and test your hypothesis to crack the case. Using the scientific method to collect evidence and solve mysteries. Learners make observations and collect data, then use their information to make a hypothesis. Chromatography, fingerprints, incorporating biology, ethograms with animal exhibits, tie-ins to various exhibits.

Design WeekDesign Week – Calling all Engineers! Think outside the box and put your brain to work as we build and test solutions for design challenges. A time for engineering and design labs, activities where learners are given a challenge and limited materials. They must embrace failure as a learning tool as they will need multiple trials to solve this challenge.

Super Scientist WeekSuper Scientist Week – Anyone who asks questions and pursues answers can be a scientist! Experiment with different physical, chemical, and biological variables to answer questions (and raise even more). These experiments are meant to be open-ended and encourage learners to try many different combinations to help them draw their own conclusions. We will host at least one visiting scientist every month.

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