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Schoolhouse Classes

Winter and Spring Classes

Spring 2021 Schedule


Nature Explorers (5-9)
In this completely outdoor, learner-directed adventure, students will deepen their understanding of the natural world while building their connection with Ellerbe creek and the natural environment adjoining the Museum of Life and Science–and with one another! While exploring, we will build on student discoveries that elicit curiosity and interest through observation, discussion, and project work. Emergent topics of natural learning often include wildlife biology, botany, earth science, or engineering/design. Each class will also offer the opportunity to learn nature skills such as, but not limited to, foraging, refining and working with natural materials, shelter building, and more, according to the class’s interests.

All Things Growing (5-9)
The world is bursting with life, and what better way to explore it than to grow it ourselves? Join us as we make biology come alive through a series of hands-on projects. In this class, we will be cultivating life in a few of its many different forms– from Winogradsky bacterial columns, to seedlings, to SCOBYs, to sourdough starters, and more. We’ll provide the materials, expertise, and growing space, then you can take home the “fruits” of your work to keep the experiment going! There is a $10 materials fee for this class.

Project Imagine: Robots in Nature (5-9)
Explore nature and build LEGO creations in Project Imagine: Robots in Nature! Throughout our class, we will learn about natural habitats, animals, and how robots can help preserve nature! We will build LEGO caterpillars, snakes, flowers, and more during our classes. Along the way, we will meet real-life versions of the LEGO robots we build and create! Join us as we learn, build with LEGO, and explore nature!’

A Full Day of Adventures
By joining both classes for either Tuesday or Friday you will receive a discount, and your child will get to discuss the morning adventure in Nature Explorers and bond with their fellow learners over lunch. At 12:30, everyone transitions for the second part of the day in a class where the morning happenings are connected to the afternoon class. Whether it’s building, animals, habitats or something else, our all-day adventure will keep your child wondering and imagining beyond their time with us!

Ellerbe Expedition (10-13)
Join us for a deep dive into Ellerbe creek and beyond in this completely outdoor and learner-directed expedition! While building a connection with Ellerbe creek and one another, learners will cultivate practical skills to help them navigate and conserve an ecosystem we all depend on! The main objective of this class is to explore nature in a scientific way, so there is no set curriculum; questions and experiments will emerge organically. Topics of natural learning, which fluctuate with learners’ interests and the seasons, often include wildlife biology, botany, earth science, stream conservation, and building natural structures. Learners will also have the option to build natural skills like foraging, cordage, refining and working with natural materials like stone and clay, shelter building, and more!

Please email with any questions or concerns, and we look forward to seeing you all soon!

Prices and Booking

Class prices are generally $10 per hour of instruction for Museum members. Prices for non-members are slightly higher.

A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of registration. Payment in full is due five weeks prior to the first day of class.

If you have questions, please call 919.220.5429, x352 or Email

Changes and Cancellations

The Museum can grant refunds and perform session changes only when received five weeks before the class begins. There is a $50 cancellation fee for each class and a $30 fee for session changes.

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