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The Museum of Life and Science is offering 30-minute live virtual programs to help bring science to life in your classroom. You can choose between one program or sign up for a series of programs to help supplement your curriculum. Let us help you add something special to this unprecedented year!

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Mini Module Program Options

Exploring Weather
 | How many raindrops are in a thunderstorm? Why do hurricanes form? What’s the deal with droughts and wildfires? We’ll all become junior meteorologists as we use real-time weather and climate data to examine past and future trends. Learn about the science behind fascinating weather phenomena and some practical tips on using weather tools.
Live Animal Encounter: No
Standards: Earth Systems, Structures and Processes; Matter, Properties and Change

The Science of Small | In this session, we’ll explore the world of the very, very small – from tiny plants and animals, to microbes and bacteria, to teeny-tiny chemical and atomic interactions, to nanotechnology and how small-scale inventions are changing our world!
Live Animal Encounter: Yes
Standards: Atomic Theory; Matter, Properties, and Change; Structures and Functions of Living Organisms

Space Command | In this session, we’ll use a few different ways of visualizing and exploring the solar system and beyond! We’ll explore the surface of Mars and the Moon together, talk about space travel and colonization, and chat about the interesting intersections between science fiction and science reality!
Live Animal Encounter: No
Standards: Earth in the Universe

STEM Design | In this session, we will become engineers as we explore the history and current context and importance of engineering, tinkering, and making. You will even design, test, and redesign your own work to solve a challenge.
Live Animal Encounter: No
Standards: Forces and Motion

Life in Water | Explore the complex interactions between the many types of plants and animals that rule the ocean. Then we will take a look at what we can do today to help protect their future and ours.
Live Animal Encounter: No
Standards: Ecosystems; Structures and Functions of Living Organisms

All About Animals | Take a closer look at animals small and large. Learn how they are unique and, more importantly, how are they connected. You may even find that the most interesting animals are in your own backyard!
Live Animal Encounter: Yes
Standards: Ecosystems; Structures and Functions of Living Organisms

Butterfly Life | Butterflies are not only beautiful, they are a vital part of their ecosystem. Join us as we explore the journey of a butterfly from egg through adult. Find out the roles they play in nature and how different their lives can really be!
Live Animal Encounter: Yes
Standards: Ecosystems; Structures and Functions of Living Organisms


Mini Modules

For-profit organizations/companies:  $250 per 30 minute program

Nonprofit/ school organizations: $175 per 30 minute program

50 device limit


$1,000 for five 30-minute programs- for profit organizations

$700 for five 30-minute programs- non-profit/ school organizations


We are happy to cancel or reschedule reservations for programs more than two weeks away. Note that reservations with programs that are canceled, with less than two weeks’ notice, will incur a $100 late cancellation fee per program. Notification of cancellations must be made in writing and emailed to

If you would like to schedule a program or if you have any questions please send an email to: