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All six wolf pups

Help us name the wolf pups!

Only about 260 red wolves, Canis rufus, remain worldwide. Six of them were born on April 22 right here at the Museum. We’re fortunate to have them here and for visitors to have the chance to see these critically endangered animals up close.

However, the red wolves don’t belong to the Museum. As part of the Red Wolf Species Survival Program, they are not permanent residents here. Red wolves are often moved to other locations to better ensure the survival of the species. So, in the past, we chose to refer to our red wolves by their official record numbers rather than by names. 

But recent research shows that when animals have names, visitors develop more empathy for them, which often inspires people to want to learn more or get involved in conservation efforts. So as an organization committed to both, we’ve decided that it’s time the wolves had names.

We can think of no better way to pick those names than to ask supporters of the Museum to help us choose. Your vote will help us spread the word about the wolf pups and the importance of helping save this critically-endangered species. Are you ready?

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