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NanomonthThis month at the Museum, we’re big on things that are really small!

All month long, we’ll be looking at nanoscale science, technology, and engineering. Join us to imagine and discover the nanoscale world—a world so tiny it’s too small to see!


What can I do?


Explore our Nano exhibit on the second floor. Learn the basics of nanoscience engineering and real world applications, and explore the societal and ethical implications of this technology. Interactive panels reveal tiny solutions for big problems, exciting technologies inspired by nature, and different perspectives on nanotechnology.

This exhibit was created by the NISENet with funding from the National Science Foundation.


Nanoscale ImageSee our featured show, Nanostructures: Nature vs Engineering. These images of manmade nanoscale structures come from the lab of Dr. Chih-Hao Chang, associate professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at NC State University. Dr. Chang studies multifunctional nanostructured materials and nanomanufacturing.

Nanostructures: Nature vs Engineering is located on our second floor gallery near The Lab.


Visit The Lab and get a hands-on introduction to the world of nanoscale science. We'll feature new nano topics each week!

Nanoengineering: Tiny Things
February 5 – 10
Nanoscientists and engineers study and can work with objects the size of atoms! Explore how nano researchers work on such a small scale and use tools to investigate tiny things.

Nano and Nature: Animals
February 12 – 17
Some of the most beautiful and surprising things we observe in nature are due to special nano properties. Come investigate some amazing animal adaptations!

Nano and Nature: Plants
February 29 – 24
Researchers can be inspired by nature to create new materials and technologies. Come explore plants that scientists have modeled nanotechnologies from!

Nano and You
February 26 – March 3
Nano isn’t just in the lab—we can already find it in our homes, stores, and hospitals. Explore how we encounter nanotechnology in our everyday lives!

Super Scientist Saturday: Nano Edition
Dr. Chang and his students will join our educators in The Lab for a series of Super Scientist Saturdays on Feb. 9, 16, and 23. Learn more about his lab’s work with nanomanufacturing.

What's so big about nano?

At the nanoscale—the scale of atoms and molecules—many common materials exhibit unusual properties. Our ability to manipulate matter at this size enables innovations that weren’t possible before. Nanotechnology is revolutionizing research and development in medicine, computing, new materials, food, energy, and other areas.

Nano will affect our economy, environment, and our personal lives. Some scientists think that future nanotechnologies and materials could transform our lives as much as cars, the personal computer, or the internet! But the costs, risks and benefits of this new technology can be difficult to understand, both for experts and for the general public. Come learn more about nano and imagine and discover a world you can’t see!

Nanomonth runs from February 5 — March 3 and is free with admission. 

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