Offsite Programs


Bring more wonder into your classroom!

We're so excited that you've chosen the Museum of Life and Science for an interactive, curriculum-aligned program at your school or organization. The steps above guide you to all the resources needed to prepare for this unique experience.


Helpful Tips to Get You Started

  • Collect your information. How many students will enjoy this program? What is the best way to contact you? When would you like to schedule your program? We require at least two weeks notice to book offsite programs.

Head to Step 2 to begin your reservation request!

Step 2: View Offsite Programs

Enhance your school year with a live animal encounter, hands-on LEGO robotics investigation, or a portable planetarium experience with one of our curriculum-aligned programs. Museum programs support the North Carolina Essential Standards. Fees and availability of programs are subject to change.


Program Options:

Animal Encounter (Grades Pre-K–8)

Meet the animals that live behind-the-scenes at the Museum with a hands-on animal encounter. Customize your program by selecting from our program animal collection below. Well travel to your school or meet you at the Museum!

Create a custom program by selecting any 4 animals below
Reptiles Invertebrates Mammals Amphibians 
  Atlas Rhino Beetle Chinchilla Tiger Salamander
Ball Python Leaf Insect Ferret Marine Toad*
Bearded Dragon Asian Millipede Opossum  
Box Turtle Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Rabbit  
Corn Snake Rose-Hair Tarantula  Birds  
Red-Eared Slider Turtle Vietnamese Walking Stick Blue Jay  
Painted Turtle Whip-Scorpion Red-Tailed Hawk*   
Crested Gecko Giant Stag Beetle Chicken  
Pine Snake Tobacco Horn Worm    
*Available at the Museum only. • Animal choices are subject to availability.

  Program Length: 50 minutes
  Cost: $200 per 30 students
  Live Animal Encounter: Yes
  Available At Your School: Yes
  Standards Strand: Structures and Functions of Living Organisms; Ecosystems


LEGO® Robotics (Grades K–5)

Tinker with the LEGO’s® WeDo Construction Set in order to build and program LEGO® models featuring working motors and sensors. Whistle, clap, boom! Sound effects will fill the room when students start their music machine program. Construct a spinning sculpture and collaborate in writing a program to control how it moves.

  Program Length: 50 minutes
  Cost: $200 per 30 students
  Live Animal Encounter: No
  Available At Your School: Yes
  Standards Strand: Forces and Motion


StarLab (Grades K–8)

Immerse yourselves in a universe of wonder as we journey through the solar system. Brace yourselves as you blast off from Earth and take in the view of above. Rotate from day into night and watch the moon wax and wane right before your eyes. Travel to the outer reaches of our galaxy, stopping only to take a closer look at each planet circling our sun. Marvel at the night sky and consider what inspired the stories behind the constellations.

StarLab requires a quiet, indoor space large enough to accommodate its 11-foot height and 40-foot diameter.

  Program Length: 50 minutes
  Cost: $200 per 30 students
  Live Animal Encounter: No
  Available At Your School: Yes
  Standards Strand: Earth in the Universe

Step 3: 2017-2018 Pricing
  People Price Mileage
50 minute program 30 $200 $0.73 per mile (round-trip)

The Fine Print

Registration Information:
Two weeks is required notice for all program reservations. Prices subject to change.

Required Pre-Payment:
A pre-payment of $100 towards the total visit amount is due to the Museum by September 15th for Fall reservations, January 15th for Spring reservations or within 14 days of reservation. Payments may be made by phone to 919-220-5429 x313 or via check by mail. Failure to remit payment by deadline may result in cancellation of the reservation. For answers to more questions, see Field Trip FAQs.

Step 4: Make a Reservation Request

Cancellation and Refund Policy

We are happy to cancel or reschedule reservations for visits more than two weeks away. Visits that are cancelled or rescheduled without two weeks’ notice forfeit the $100 deposit paid at time of reservation as a cancellation fee. Notification of cancellations must be made in writing and emailed

Members receive UNLIMITED admission all year long!