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Today: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Play to Learn

Indoor Exhibit
Opens at 10:00 am
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This 1,500 square foot exhibit is the perfect place for young explorers to work on their full body movement, fine motor skill development, creative play, and experimentation. Separated into two areas, Play to Learn includes a calm play space for infants and a kinetic exploration zone for explorers ages 3–6.

This exhibit is generously funded by the Michael and Laura Brader-Araje Foundation and other donors.

Two children try to climb our indoor rock-climbing wall. This helps them learn gross motor skills

Climbing Wall

You can climb across mountains! By climbing this wall, children can work on developing gross motor skills and confidence in their own physical abilities.

A young boy sits on a stuffed animal that's shaped like a horse. The Museum has a special part of Play to Learn just for infants and toddlers.

the gentle zone

A dedicated play space for infants and toddlers to play complete with age-appropriate exploration activities including mirrors, sounds, sensory toys, and safe, low climbing structures.

A young boy sends a ball going down a set of tracks attached to a wall.

Ball Tracks

Climb a ladder and send balls racing down a zigzagged track. Not only is this tons of fun for both kids and parents, it is also a great introduction to the concept of gravity for your preschooler!

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