A view of Hideaway Woods
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Climbing Higher

A View from the Summit

We gratefully acknowledge donors to Climbing Higher: a $3.9 million campaign that supported the creation of Hideaway Woods, Into the Mist, the Woodland Classroom building, and Earth Moves.

Thanks to their generosity, the Museum of Life and Science will offer unique environments for nature and science learning to children and families for generations to come!

Board of Directors, Museum of Life & Science

Durham County

North Carolina GlaxoSmithKline Foundation

Oak Foundation

A.J. Fletcher Foundation

BIN Charitable Foundation

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of North Carolina

Larry M. & Sharon Crane

The E.T. Rollins, Jr. & Frances P. Rollins Foundation

F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.

Fox Family Foundation

The Jandy Ammons Foundation

Thomas F. & Margaret Q. Keller

Cynthia & Mark Kuhn

Martin Marietta

United Therapeutics

BASF Agricultural Solutions

The Cannon Foundation, Inc.

Duke Energy Foundation

E.A. Morris Charitable Foundation

John & Jane Hardin


In Memory of William Mercer Pickens

SunTrust Foundation

Duke University

James & Susan Erlinger

Rita & Gerard J. Musante

Nancy & Alan Proia

John E. & Whitman L. Reardon

The William Bingham Foundation

Charles T. & Jean Wilson

Marcia Angle & Mark Trustin

Marvin & Cynthia Barnes

The Baskerville Fund

Joseph A. & Emma Battle

Robert M. & Barbara Bell

bioMérieux, Inc.

Rochelle Campbell

C.M. Herndon Foundation

Caroline Dixon

Dominion Energy NC

Linda & Charlie Feuss

The Frank Smullin Arts & Technology Fund

Katie & Mike Galbraith

Liz & Michael Goodmon

Hillsdale Fund, Inc.

Ann & William Kirkland

Patricia H. Kohler

Thomas Krakauer

Live Oak Foundation

Travis & Tracey Martin

Debbie & Andy May

Charlie & Wendy Moore

C.P. Colwell & Betty Neese

Parker & Otis

Peter & Ashley Pieraccini

David & Marjorie Pierson

Michael E. & Kathy Q. Porter
Sara & David H. Pottenger, III

Julie Ketner Rigby & Alan Rigby

Janice D. Stratton in honor of Richie Stratton

Town & Country Garden Club

Marty & Woody Warburton

Karen R. & Mark H. Webbink

Wells Fargo

David & Heather Yeowell


Phil & Tonya Bartos


Robert & Ruth Buchanan

Nora Bynum 
Denise & David Carr

Central North Carolina Mineral Club

Claudia & Rashid Curtis

The DeAlmeida Family

Brantley & Geraldine DeLoatche

Kenneth R. & Cynthia H. Diehl

Scott McGeary & Karen Dunn

Elmo’s Diner

Ugo Goetzl 

Paul D. & Angela B. Goodwin

Roy A. Griffiths

Betsy & Steve Hall

Richard & Lonna Harkrader

Tracy & Rich Harris

Steve & Chasie Harris

Alicia & Tim Heacock

Jennifer Greer & David Heller

Janet Hoshour

Jack Hughes

Sheronda Jeffries

Geoff & Selena Keegan

Jeanne Lawson

Diane & Eugene Lindfors

AraLu & Marty Lindsey 

Carolyn London

Virginia & Michael McCollum

Aga & Justin McDonie

Measurement Incorporated

Sanyin Siang & Chad Miller

Krisha & Sydney Miller

Anne N. & Victor B. Moore

Arlene J. Diosegy & William H. Morley

David & LaShanna Morris


Shannon Morris & Mike O’Hagerty

Leslie & Shawn Pepple

Melissa & Brad Rhodes

Steve Schewel & Lao Rubert

Corinne G. & Stephen Russell

Ann & Charles A. Sanders, M.D.

Fuller & Erika Sasser

Southern Harvest Catering

Everett Stanek

Jon P. & Debbie Stonehouse

Ulrich Hartmond & Sara Stratton

Brian & Megan Tajlili

Troy M. Livingston & Kate Tinworth

Barry A. & Lisa Van Deman

Julian & Elizabeth Wachs

Wake Forest Women’s Club

John & Anne Wood
Lee & Amy Worsley

Bob & Barbara Yowell