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Today: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Indoor Exhibit & Lab Space
Opens at 10:00 am
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This space is what you make it!

Build contraptions, make connections, and mess around with familiar materials in surprising ways. The Museum’s newest program space lets you explore, question, and create. From weaving to circuits to chain reaction machines, the possibilities are endless!

TinkerLab is recommended for adults and children ages 7 and older. This space can feature real tools and small pieces. Adult supervision and co-creation are required here.


Things to Know:

What is tinkering and why is it important?

Tinkering is exploring and building without a fixed outcome in mind—taking the time to mess around, daydream, imagine, and build. People thrive when they learn by doing. Using real tools to solve real problems helps grow knowledge and skills. Trying, failing, and trying again helps build flexible thinking and self-confidence.


Why is there an age limit?

Some materials in this room come with risk or may present choking hazards. This space can feature tools, magnets, and small parts. Younger siblings and playmates are welcome in this space with adult supervision.


Why is the room closed?

TinkerLab is both an exhibit and a collaborative lab space. Sometimes, the room may be closed to the public to host classes, workshops, or school programs. See the current room schedule here:

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Interested in our tinkering programs?

Learn more about our homeschool or tinkering workshop offerings.


Two girls at the weaving station

Follow the Threads

Explore pattern and technique as you weave different materials together. Learn about warp and weft and even use a bicycle wheel as a loom!

A girl at the circuit table

Be Electric

Build a simple circuit and tinker with electricity. Become your own conductor at the circuit wall!

A child tinkering with the magnet wall

Roll with It

Explore force, motion, and gravity with the magnet wall. Create your own track and move balls from place to place.

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