Life and Science at Home
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The treehouses at Hideaway Woods

Life and Science at Home

Discovering the scientist in all of usScience influences every aspect of modern life. It is more crucial than ever that we embrace science as a way of knowing about ourselves, our community, and our world. And whether you explore these ideas at the Museum or at home, we're committed to discovering the scientist in all of us. 

On this page, every day, we will share digital content to provide you with engaging ways to learn, ask questions, and discover life and science in exciting new ways.

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Lab@Home Summer Bug Out! iconScience is a tool, a community, and a spirit of inquiry that should be accessible to everyone, everywhere. So we're bringing The Lab online, with experiments you can do at home and LIVE streaming sessions with our facilitators. Every Wednesday at 4pm, we'll host a 30-minute Lab livestream where we can do an experiment together! Register for the livestream or watch replays below. Lab@Home is brought to you by Biogen. 

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Scientist Spotlight

Join us on Tuesday, January 19th at 4pm for a special Scientist Spotlight program, which features science professionals and their ongoing work in the Triangle (and beyond!) This week we will talk with a scientist studying lemur brains and behavior, and even get to see some real brain specimens! No materials are needed for this program, just bring your curiosity and questions to ask our scientist guest! Best for ages 5+

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Little Lab@Home

Little Lab LogoBring your little ones to join us for an exploration of science and scientific thinking! Scheduled live programming affiliated with The Lab and Lab@Home, aimed at kids ages six and younger. We will spark curiosity, engage viewers with activities, and encourage a lifelong interest in science. Every Wednesday at 10am, we'll host LittleLab livestream where we can do an experiment together!

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Ocean Motions

Join us on Tuesday, January 26th at 4pm for an exploration of science process skills and the fundamentals of scientific thinking! This week we will investigate how different factors like salinity, currents, and the shapes of landmasses influence the motion of our dynamic oceans! Best for ages 3-5.

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Webinars & Live Events

Past Webinars

Seminario pademico

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Durante la pandemia de COVID-19, la vida de todos ha cambiado dramáticamente. Este es particularmente el caso de cómo los padres y los niños experimentan la educación. A medida que las escuelas cierran por seguridad y salud pública, el aprendizaje ha pasado del aula a las salas de estar y las mesas de la cocina. Esto está revelando desigualdades globales en el acceso a una educación de calidad, particularmente en STEM. En el mundo posterior a la pandemia, ¿cómo avanzamos en la reconstrucción de nuestros sistemas educativos nacionales y mundiales? ¿Pueden los sistemas seguir siendo los mismos? ¿O es hora de reinventar nuestro enfoque del aprendizaje virtual e informal? Esta es una conversación que discute cómo la salud y la educación están íntimamente vinculadas.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone’s lives have changed dramatically. This is particularly the case for how parents and children experience education. As schools shut down for public health and safety, learning has shifted from the classroom to living rooms and kitchen tables. This is revealing global inequities in access to quality education, particularly in STEM. In the post-pandemic world, how do we move forward rebuilding our national and global education systems? Can systems remain the same? Or is it time to reimagine our approach to virtual and informal learning. This is a conversation discussing how health and education are intimately linked.


How do I deal with added stress and anxiety?

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A discussion about stress, anxiety, grief, and peril during the COVID-19 pandemic. We're all dealing with unique and unprecedented new levels of stress — let's learn how to deal together.

How Do I Do this "School At Home" Thing? 

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How is this whole "school at home" thing supposed to work? Our panelists examine the challenges of unexpected at-home learning: what might work, what definitely won't work, and what we're trying in this challenging time.

Where can I turn to for reliable news?

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How you and your family can practice safe and responsible media literacy in overwhelming and confusing news cycles? Panelists answer questions on reliable sources for news and information, spotting fake news, good media consumption habits, and more

Talking to your kids about COVID-19

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How do I explain what is happening to my kids? How do I answer their tricky questions? How do we juggle work and life challenges at home during this crisis?

Bite-sized science

These downloadable, printable at-home science activities are perfect for curious minds at home (or anywhere).

self-popping bagSelf-Popping Bag
Safely investigate chemical reactions with household items

evaporation iconEvaporation Exploration
Learn to work like an archeologist and excavate items from a giant ice cube

ice tower iconIce Tower Excavation
Learn to work like an archeologist and excavate items from a giant ice cube

More bite-sized science

Mark Rober’s Youtube Live Science Lessons

“Mark Rober is a former NASA employee (he worked for 7 years on the Curiosity Rover) with a passion for education. His channel is dedicated to communicating scientific principles and ideas in really entertaining, family-friendly, digestible videos. For the last few weeks, he has been regularly putting on live Science Classes that highlight interesting science topics from “How do Astronauts Weight Themselves?” to “Why is the Sky Blue?” with a focus on creating mental models that allow you to extrapolate rather than spewing information. His classes last about 30 minutes, and are just, really, really, fun.”

— Davis Tate, Program Manager for Camp Experiences

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