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Support community science learning through gifts of stock, planned gifts, donor-advised funds, and more

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Donor-Advised Funds

We’re grateful to receive charitable gifts through donor-advised funds. If you choose to give through your donor-advised fund, please be aware that, according to IRS policy, the Museum may not extend tangible benefits. Please see our payment options page or contact your fund advisor with questions.

Donor-advised funds

IRA Rollover Gift

The IRA rollover gift is a great way for people who qualify to support the causes they care about. IRA rollover gifts can make a significant difference, and the Museum of Life and Science welcomes such gifts. For gifts to be counted toward the required minimum distribution (RMD), distributions must be made by December 31 of a given tax year to be included in that tax year.

Matching Gifts

You could double or even triple the impact of your donation to the Museum by participating in your employer’s matching gift program. Many employers will match your charitable contribution to the Museum with an equal or higher amount if you or your spouse are an employee, retiree, or board member of a company. Check with your company to see if they have a matching gift program and request a matching gift form from your employer.

Matching Gifts

Stocks and Securities

The Museum welcomes gifts of stock, securities, and other appreciated assets. These gifts may allow for the avoidance of capital gains taxes and provide a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the donation.

Gifts of stocks and securities

Gift Planning

Contribute to the Museum’s future by planning for a special gift, such as a bequest in your Will or Trust, or through a Charitable Gift Annuity. By committing to a planned gift you will become a Legacy Society member and ensure the long-term success of our museum and mission.

Gift Planning

Amazon Wishlist

Another way you can support the Museum is to donate something from our Animal Care Amazon Wishlist.

Our Animal Care Wishlist

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