Schools Out Camps

Our camps are designed by our year-round staff to balance the excitement of first discovery and the satisfaction of lasting learning. Campers explore nature, animal life, creativity, problem-solving, and scientific thinking while making new friends and having fun at the Museum.

Day Camps

Winter Day Camp: Chill Out!

January 17 and 18, 8:30 am – 5 pm
Museum Member $80, General Public $90

Explore the science of ice in our winter day camps! Grow your own crystals as we examine how ice is formed, create amazing fake snow, and learn how animals have adapted to live in some of our planet’s chilliest environments. If Earth isn’t cool enough for you, we’ll also explore ice throughout our solar system and beyond (did somebody say “Cryovolcanoes”?)!

Week Long Camps

Spring Break: The TinkerLab

March 21 – 25, March 28 – April 1
Museum Members $295, General Public $325

Welcome to the TinkerLab, a place for young tinkerers to take apart, build, and discover how stuff works! We’ll use real tools (and a lot of creativity!) to take apart old toys and put them back together in a whole new way. Discover how simple materials can create strong structures, and experiment with contraptions that fly, flutter, and free-fall. If our inventions end up flops, we’ll re-design and try again!

A young girl is playing with a circuit table.