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Looking for Adeyha

If you’ve visited the red wolf exhibit lately you might have had a difficult time finding both of our wolves. Oak, our female is usually not too hard to locate. She may be walking along the fence at the top of the enclosure, or trotting by at ground level, or lately, reclining behind a pair of mahonia shrubs near the kennel area of the enclosure. Fortunately for the viewer, she doesn’t sit still for long and gives away her position every few minutes or so, even when napping.

Oak, resting behind mahonia.

Adeyha, our new arrival, has discovered the den, the quiet and secure den. He has chosen to spend a good deal of his time laid out on the soft wood-shaving lined den just in front of the enclosure’s overlook.

Up until recently it’s been near impossible to see him except with a pair of binoculars and a bit of imagination. But now, thanks to the hard work of our exhibits team we can spy on Adeyha without his ever knowing it. We have a working den-camera.

Adeyha, (bottom right) watches the entrance of the den.

Here are three of many team members who worked on the final stage of the project.

Kyle, Skinny, and Dakota, all happy with their work.

Thanks to you and the other members of the team for making the viewing of the wolves so much easier.