Mother and daughter at the Aerospace exhibit

Our mask policies

(Updated 3.6.2022)

In line with updated North Carolina and Durham County guidelines, face masks are now optional at the Museum.

Common questions about our updated mask policies:

Why is the Museum changing the mask policy? (Effective March 8, 2022)
The state of North Carolina and Durham County have ended their indoor face mask recommendations and requirements, effective March 7. Many school districts in the region are also ending their mask requirements this month. COVID data for the region show positive trends and the Raleigh-Durham area has a 69% vaccination rate. Considering all these factors, we feel the time is right to adjust our mask policies to make them optional. We understand that many Members and guests may prefer to remain more cautious. We fully support the need to make individual decisions regarding masks and where you spend time at the Museum, based on your own comfort level.

What if I don’t feel safe inside without a mask requirement?
We encourage all guests to enjoy the Museum in a way that best suits their comfort level and concerns about risks. Some guests may prefer to mostly stay outside. Others may not feel comfortable visiting the Museum at all right now. We encourage everyone to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. If you’re not comfortable at the Museum given these changes in mask policies, we will welcome you back whenever you’re ready to return.

Are there any exceptions to the updated mask policy?
Certain Museum programs and events (e.g., animal encounters) may still require masking for participants.

What if the pandemic gets worse again?
Masks will be optional for guests starting March 8, and we hope it will stay that way for the foreseeable future. But, as always, we will stay on top of public health data and trends and will re-evaluate our safety and mask policies if necessary.

What about Summer Camp and Schoolhouse mask requirements?
For now, our camps and school programs will still require masks indoors. We may re-evaluate mask requirements as we get closer to the start of camps, but for now, our plan is to leave those requirements unchanged.

What about private parties and events?
At private parties and events, masks will be optional. However, masks may be required for certain kinds of programming at private parties or events that involve close contact.