Digital Member Card FAQs

Digital Member Card FAQs

How will I get my digital membership card?
A download link will be emailed from our digital card partner Cuseum for each cardholder with their name in the subject line. It will include instructions for how to download the card to your phone.

Will my spouse/partner and I use the same card?
No. Since we can only send to the primary email on your record, two emails are sent with a unique link for each cardholder. Once downloaded, the link expires.

How do I check-in?
While we require reservations, you’ll check in with your confirmation and photo ID as usual. When reservations are no longer required, you’ll check in with your digital card and photo ID.

I don’t have a smartphone. What do I do?
No problem. We can mail you printed cards. If you purchase or renew online, just add it to your cart. There’s a $6 processing fee for a set of printed cards. If you’re a current member your cards are valid until your next renewal – just be ready to show ID with your card when you check-in!

My name is spelled wrong/membership level is incorrect.
Whoops – sorry! Please contact us through email or call 919-220-5429 x324 and we would be happy to make the correction.

Will my digital card update when I renew or upgrade?
Yes! The digital card will automatically update within hours of your transaction. This means that you only have to download the card once!

I have an Authorized User on my membership. Can they get a digital card too?
They’ll continue to check in by showing their photo ID as usual for now. Be sure they know we can’t let them in without it -no exceptions.

Next, we’ll be going digital with Authorized Users. We’re retiring Authorized Users and moving to a digital “Caregiver Pass” later this year. Details and access to the new Caregiver Pass coming soon.

I downloaded my card but I can’t find it.
If you have an iPhone, the card will automatically download to Apple Wallet. Check the Wallet app for your new card (scroll through any cards that are already there–it may be hiding!). If you have an Android, you’ll need to download the WalletPasses or the PassWallet app to your phone prior to downloading the card.

To see the back of the card with all the great links, locate the information icon. Apple Wallet uses three dots, some android phones use the information icon.