Team Lab

Hands-on team building workshops that build team unity and critical thinking skills.

Team Lab offers immersive team-building experiences at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC. Our programs foster connections and develop critical thinking skills through engaging challenges and activities that require lateral thinking, strategy, and humor.
Led by Museum of Life and Science facilitators with extensive experience, our unique programs are designed around the museum’s Critical Thinking rubric. Through hands-on experiences and collaboration, Team Lab strengthens team dynamics, uncovers hidden talents, and equips your team with sharper critical thinking skills to tackle workplace challenges.

Join us for an unforgettable journey of growth and transformation. Let Team Lab at the Museum of Life and Science unlock your team’s full potential in just one day.

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Program Options

Adventure Race

An exciting race around the Museum of Life and Science with challenges requiring lateral thinking, strategy and humor.

The Adventure Race is a dynamic team-building workshop based in friendly competition. Teams of your choosing will compete in a challenge-packed race across the Museum of Life and Science’s expansive 83-acre campus. Developed in alignment with the Museum of Life and Science’s Critical Thinking Rubric, this engaging workshop is designed to sharpen your team’s critical thinking skills. Participants will learn to embrace failure, ask good questions, make use of methods, and work together as they navigate through exciting challenges. Let the Adventure begin!

Sumo Bots

Go head-to-head in an exciting competition testing your team’s ability to strategize, design solutions and adapt.

Let the competition begin! This innovative program gets your team out of their heads with a straightforward challenge with anything but straight forward solutions. Teams will work together to modify LEGO Sumo Bots using simple materials to create the Ultimate Sumo Robot athlete! Developed in alignment with the Museum of Life and Science’s Critical Thinking Rubric, this workshop will encourage communication, lateral thinking, and shifts in perspective. Let the competition begin!