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A boy sits at the sunscreen station and looks at his hands under UV light.
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Investigate Health!

Peek into a world of research devoted to studying the factors that impact our health and discover how our actions affect our own wellness. Perform hands-on experiments to test for yourself why health experts tell us to buckle our seatbelts, wash our hands, put on our sunscreen, and more.

Investigate Health! was made possible by a Science Education Partnership Award from the National Center for Research Resources of the National Institutes of Health, along with other sponsors.
A girl puts on sunscreen lotion while a boy looks at his hand under UV light.

Sun Safety

Lather up your hands with our custom sunscreen then use a special camera for a real-time demonstration of how sunscreen protects your skin from ultraviolet light. The results might just get you thinking about sunny days a little differently!
A young boy looks at a video of a crash test dummy.

Buckle Up

Why should you wear a seatbelt? See a real-time demonstration of the difference a seatbelt and booster seat make for passenger safety. Watch the effects of a car crash on a dummy in a simulated car interior then view the impact in more detail with slow-motion video.
A girl washes her hand in a sink.

Wash Your Hands

How good are you at washing your hands? Use our special soap and give them a good scrub. Examine them under the glow of a blacklight and see what you may have missed.