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A grandmother holds a young boy up to adjust a scale.
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Math Moves

Immerse yourself in the world of large and small, shadows and shapes, motion and sound. Listen, watch, and feel what happens when you change the pitch and frequency of sounds, use your body as a unique unit of measure, or make your own stop-motion film. Exploring ratio and proportion helps build a strong mathematical foundation.

This exhibit was produced in partnership by the Museum of Life and Science, Explora, Museum of Science-Boston, and Science Museum of Minnesota, with support from the National Science Foundation.
Excited boy races a girl on a rainbow colored floor.

Partner Motion

Discover how your rate of motion affects a custom digital graph. Walk back and forth slowly then try again quickly, how does the graph change? Grab a partner and see how your motion graphs compare!
A man moves a wolf figure on a table with gridlines as a girl watches.

Shadow Fractions

Experiment with the placement of objects to make your own shadow stories or scenes. By moving these objects—growing or reducing the size of its shadow—you can directly experience concepts of ratio and proportion.
A man and boy look at a monitor at a table where they are making stop motion animation.

Movie Ratios

Make a movie using stop motion. Adjust the speed or length and see how different frame rates change your creation.

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Math Moves is located on the first and second floor of the Museum. Be sure to head upstairs where you can see how you measure up on our giant shadow wall and try your hand at stop motion animation.

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A boy stretches his arms wide in front of a giant grid wall, casting a shadow.