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A long view of the Weather gallery. You can see the tornado generator and the Science on a Sphere.
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Step into the world of weather! Discover how wind, water, and temperature affect our ever-changing environment. Watch as a 14-foot tall tornado forms in the middle of the gallery, move your arms through a bowl of clouds, and more!

The Weather gallery was made possible by WTVD ABC11 Accuweather.
Two boys study a display that powers a projection on a large spherical screen.

Science on a Sphere

Explore worldwide data the way it's best displayed—on a globe. Study national datasets from scientific organizations like NASA and NOAA on an animated orb that you control. See real-time climate data play out across the Earth and learn what that means for our changing world.
A boy watches as a tornado forms in the Weather gallery.

Tornado Vortex

Watch as an air vortex, or a small-scale tornado forms. Many vortices occur in our atmosphere—hurricanes, waterspouts, dust devils—but they are often unseen unless they interact with something else. Think about when you see leaves whirling around on a sidewalk. In this exhibit, tiny water droplets make the tornado visible.
A group of school children gathers around a bowl and touches a cloud like fog.

Cloud Bowl

Have you ever held a cloud in your hand? Interact with and understand this common weather phenomenon. Explore on your own or with a group!