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Life and Science at Home

The Museum may be closed for a bit, but our dedication to curiosity, science, and exploration keeps going. On this page, every day, we will share digital content to provide you with engaging ways to learn, ask questions, and discover life and science in exciting new ways.

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Bite-sized science

These downloadable, printable at-home science activities are perfect for curious minds at home (or anywhere).


map iconSilent Sound Count Map

Heighten your observation skills with your natural surroundings. The world is full of activity that often goes unnoticed! This is a calming, quiet activity.

sundial iconMake a rainbow

You don't have to wait for the perfect day to see a rainbow. With a glass of water, paper, and a flashlight, you can make your own!

sundial iconMake your own sundial

Create your own sundial to tell time, using everyday household items. Consider how it works, how it might tell time differently in other seasons, and how you might be able to tell time with the dial without seeing the numbers.

water iconWalking Water

Explore the science of capillary action and color mixing by moving water between cups

roll iconConstellation tubes

Constellation tubes allow you to see what your unique constellation would look like if you were looking through a telescope. Create your own view of a galaxy inside a paper tube.


Self-Popping Bag

Q&A with GeoJen

Make a compass

More videos

Interactive Q&A

Rob ColquhounEver had a question about the animals at the Museum? This week, we're taking questions for Rob Colquhoun, an Animal Care Specialist at the Museum. Ask him anything about the Museum animals and we'll pick some of the best questions to answer in an upcoming video.


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Beaker (the muppet) in the labWe're hard at work in the lab, working on lots of new digital science content for Members and friends of the Museum. We'd love to know more about what kinds of content you're most interested in seeing. If you've got a minute or two to spare, take the survey and help our team get the best content headed your way in the weeks to come.

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Other recommended online learning resources

  • PBS Kids: How to Talk with Your Kids About Coronavirus
    Many of us at MLS have kids of our own, and have found this a useful resource in talking with them about COVID-19.
  • Brainpop
    Brainpop provides an online collection of videos and games to help teach difficult concepts, for students across a range of ages.
  • STEM for All Multiplex
    This is a great marketplace of 850 short videos showcasing innovations in STEM teaching and learning.  A great resource for teachers, it can also be really useful for parents and caregivers looking for interesting, vetted videos on a variety of science topics.
  • MCN Compendium of Online Museum Resources
    The Museum is an active participant in MCN, an organization that helps museums around the world embrace technology in their work. This collection of online resources from museums may not be absolute, but its likely the most complete listing to be found on the Internet.

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