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Life and Science at Home

The Museum may be closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but our dedication to curiosity, science, and exploration keeps going. On this page, every day, we will share digital content to provide you with engaging ways to learn, ask questions, and discover life and science in exciting new ways.

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Webinars & Live Events


Past Webinars

How do I deal with added stress and anxiety?

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A discussion about stress, anxiety, grief, and peril during the COVID-19 pandemic. We're all dealing with unique and unprecedented new levels of stress — let's learn how to deal together.

How Do I Do this "School At Home" Thing? 

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How is this whole "school at home" thing supposed to work? Our panelists examine the challenges of unexpected at-home learning: what might work, what definitely won't work, and what we're trying in this challenging time.

Where can I turn to for reliable news?

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How you and your family can practice safe and responsible media literacy in overwhelming and confusing news cycles? Panelists answer questions on reliable sources for news and information, spotting fake news, good media consumption habits, and more

Talking to your kids about COVID-19

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How do I explain what is happening to my kids? How do I answer their tricky questions? How do we juggle work and life challenges at home during this crisis?

Bite-sized science

These downloadable, printable at-home science activities are perfect for curious minds at home (or anywhere).

self-popping bagSelf-Popping Bag
Safely investigate chemical reactions with household items

evaporation iconEvaporation Exploration
Learn to work like an archeologist and excavate items from a giant ice cube

ice tower iconIce Tower Excavation
Learn to work like an archeologist and excavate items from a giant ice cube

More bite-sized science


Lab@Home Summer Bug Out! iconScience is a tool, a community, and a spirit of inquiry that should be accessible to everyone, everywhere. So we're bringing The Lab online, with experiments you can do at home and LIVE streaming session with our facilitators. Every Wednesday at 2pm, we'll host 30-minute Lab livestream where we can do an experiment together! Register for the livestream or watch replays below. Lab@Home is brought to you by Biogen. Join us for Summer Bug Out! all June.

Check out all the previous Lab@Home replays here!

Water World

JUNE 10, 2PM

Join us as we continue our Summer Bug-Out celebration with experiments to explore the world of water as insects experience it! Download the materials list here.

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Buggy Behavior

Simply watching insect behavior in the wild is one great way to learn more about the bug world! Download the materials list here.

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Insect Inspection

Local entomologist and author, Dr. Eleanor Spicer-Rice, answered some of our bug questions and we made an insect-observation tool for the weekly Bug-Out challenges to come. Download the materials list here.

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Little Lab@Home

Little Lab LogoBring your little ones to join us for an exploration of science and scientific thinking! Scheduled live programming affiliated with The Lab and Lab@Home, aimed at kids ages six and younger. We will spark curiosity, engage viewers with activities, and encourage a lifelong interest in science.


Nature Soup

JUNE 10, 10am

Stretch your scientific thinking skills as well as explore textures, colors, and shapes in nature while making Nature Soup! Together with your little one, we'll explore natural materials, use kitchen tools and utensils, and perform tasks using fine and gross motor skills, all while interacting with various natural materials as you make Nature Soup. Create, measure, and pour soup from one bowl to another. Download the materials list here.

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What Happens When it Rains

This week, we'll have an opportunity to practice scientific ways of thinking that are developmentally appropriate for early learners while exploring some of the properties of water! Together with your little one, we'll explore the physical characteristics of materials, use tools, and perform tasks using fine and gross motor skills, all while reflecting on the movement of water. Download the materials list here.

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Staff recommendations

Science Vs. Podcast

"Science Vs. episodes are funny, light-hearted, family-friendly, and always informative. They break down myths, misconceptions, and misinformation with real science and academic research. They get to the bottom of everything from Coronavirus 'cures' to UFOs to the merits of organic bananas. And best of all, they're short— usually under 30 minutes."

— Matt Pusateri, Senior Director of Marketing

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