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Adeyha’s first days

Born in May of 2014, our new red wolf Adeyha is a nine year old male. He arrived onsite from Naibi Zoo in Coal Valley, IL, to his new home here at the museum the night of October 24 and was placed in the kennel area of our Explore the Wild: Red Wolves enclosure. The gate to the kennel was opened Thursday morning and out he came.

He spent most of the morning cautiously exploring his new home and seems to be adapting well.

So, without further delay, here’s some photo’s of at least part of his first morning in his new enclosure.

A handsome red wolf.
Weighs nearly 100 lbs.
Checking it all out.
Getting used to the new sights and sounds.
All seems well.

Hopefully, Oak and Adeyha (a-DAY-ya) will mate and add to the some 280 red wolves both in captivity and the wild, the vast majority of which are captive (about twenty in the wild here in North Carolina’s eastern counties). Watch for mating behavior in February. All red wolves are born in April – May.

You should be able to differentiate the two wolves by size alone, Adeyha being much larger than our resident female Oak. However, if you see him alone and find it difficult to judge size, check out the nice white cheek patches on Adeyha. That ought to help you sort things out.

Coming out of the shadows.

Come and see Adeyha, but remember, this is all new to him. Quiet observation is the ideal.