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Busy time for squirrels

Squirrel activity is high at this time. There’s lots of nest building and renovating, digging up of old buried seeds and nuts, and frequent munching. The weather has turned slightly colder and the squirrels are paying attention.

Here are some shots of resident gray squirrels doing what squirrels do while prepping for and reacting to the cold of winter.

Gray squirrel eats berries
Wax myrtle fruit’s waxy coating appeals to both birds and apparently squirrels.
Gray squirrel eats pinecone
This squirrel tears apart a loblolly pine cone for its seeds.
Gray squirrel eats nut
Nuts and seeds are favorites.
Squirrel sits on rock, eating, and gives side eye to camera
Squirrel carefully watching me as it sits atop a rock and munches.
Gray squirrel eats pine nut.
Pine nuts.
Squirrel with mouthful of natural materials for nest building.
A mouthful of construction material to insulate its nest.
Squirrel nests in top of tree
The nests are made from leaves, twigs, tree bark, and other soft material.
Redwood tree with bark stripped down by squirrels
Bark stripped from redwood for nest building.
Three squirrel nests in treetops
Three nests built close together.
Treetop with multiple nests
Gray squirrels frequently use tree cavities to build nests.

So, if you notice the squirrels seeming to be busier than usual, they are. And, you now know what’s behind it all.