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Honey and snakes?

I just put honey on a snake! Something I never ever thought I would do. Ok, the back story, as well as a heads-up that some of the photos might be disturbing to some.

Snow’s wound, covered in honey


For several months Snow, one of our corn snakes, has had a recurring bulging area to right side of her vent (where the snake goes to the bathroom). We have been able to express puss from this area. The area then flattens, and the cycle repeats.

some puss expressed from the area.

Snow has had several veterinary visits and tests. It is believed that the scent gland has been infected and an abscess occurred. The team cleaned out the area as best as possible. As is often the case, things get worse– and look worse– before they get better. Furthermore, it takes reptiles FOREVER to heal.


After cleaning out the area, a scab developed, with healthy looking skin underneath


open area after removing the scab.


Several months of several different antibiotics, topical and injectable treatments, and now it’s time for HONEY

As I was on the phone reviewing the instructions for after-care, I said hang on a sec…Do I go to the store and buy a bottle of honey?!? After a chuckle at the other end of the phone line, I learned of medicinal honey. Who knew?!?


looks and smells like honey

The bag I put together for “Snow’s bandage changing” is loaded, and not just with the honey. Two types of scissors (one to safely remove the old bandage and the other one, a pointy one, to cut a hole in the new bandage). Sterile saline and a syringe to flush out the wound, including “Q-tip” applicators and gauze to get the area clean and dry. Two types of bandages– a non-adherent pad to cover the area without sticking, and then Tegaderm, a waterproof clear dressing that holds the pad in place.

The pad, covered with the Tegaderm, with a hole cut out so Snow’s vent isn’t covered.


The bandage is changed every 3 days, so I cannot wait to see what everything looks like after the honey has been in play for a few days!