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Life and Science and Love: Mira and Sam

Mira + Sam
August 23, 2023

Tell us your proposal story!
“Sam built a shelter with our boys in the yard. They spent all day working on the shelter, so we had a place to hang out together. After they finished the shelter, we all sat inside it and Sam discussed what it means to be a family and to work together. He proposed to my son and gave him a gift from Sam’s grandpa, then he proposed to me.”

If you could relive one moment, what would you pick?
“Picking one is hard. When I was walking toward the ceremony with my dad my boys saw me and thought that I was lost. They both started waving and calling me to come join them. I was so nervous that this helped me to relax and laugh.”

Do you have a favorite spot in the Museum?
“No favorite. We enjoy the entire museum! We wanted a family-friendly venue so our children and guests would have fun.”

What song was your first dance to?
“For Your Precious Love” by Otis Redding

Favorite bite?
“Mediterranean Deli! It is the best ever!”