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Photo Blog: Schooled or Fooled?

By now, you’re probably one of the tons of people who saw our April Fools social media post announcing a new Wetland Waterpark portion of the museum. What you might’ve missed is that the April 1 hijinks continued through our campus. On that rainy day, we pranked critters and visitors alike to celebrate!

If you stood at the right spot in front of the Butterfly House, you may have noticed this message…

What’s this our butterflies are munching on? It may look like ice cream, but it’s actually fruit! Our Butterfly House Team put these look-alike treats together. Butterflies, consider yourself pranked!

One of our program snakes took over an enclosure in Carolina Wildlife for the day! Apollo is a milk snake, and is not native to the Carolina region, but is a great example of coloring mimicry. Can you see his little snake snout?

The red wolves that live here blend in well with the habitat. So well, in fact, that some folks doubt if they really exist… See if you can spot them in this picture.

Bonus from the afternoon of Niko taking his moment on the runway.

Before the rain washed it away, some of our guests and staff got a chance to balance on this temporary exhibit: the chalk cube. Thanks to Ranger Patrick and Birthday Party Emily for being excellent models!

Overheard at the lemur enclosure: “Hey, what’s up with the new guy?” Lemurs: pranked! Picture cred to Animal Care Kate.