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Science to go in Durham

The Museum of Life and Science first opened its doors 75 years ago this month a few blocks away on Lavender Street. Since that day, we’ve been part of the Durham. We`re a proud part of the Durham Community and committed to strengthening those connections in the years to come.

A small first step this month was to deliver science fun packs to Durham families with the help of our partners at the Durham Children’s Initiative (DCI). This last year was hard on everyone, keeping so many people stuck indoors and isolated. We also recognize that right now, not everyone has the opportunity to visit the Museum, so we figured we could bring some science fun to families in need.

A science fun pack
Our science fun packs included binoculars, bug viewers, solar print paper, and more.

Our packs included a bunch of tools for kids to explore nature and science in their own communities. The bags were packed with binoculars, bug viewers, solar print paper, and more, along with some tips on how to see, hear, and explore the sights and sounds of nature.

On the night before our 75th anniversary, a team of Museum staff worked together to assemble and load up the science fun packs

Development Manager Sarah Leach Smith helps tied up another fun pack


Carrie helps assemble a science fun pack
Museum CEO Carrie Heinonen helps assemble one of the science fun packs


Pack assembly team
The team finishes up the last batch of science fun packs


A few days later on June 17, a team of Museum staff and a volunteer joined DCI at their Food Distribution Thursday event in East Durham.

Distribution team
Volunteer Isabella Missri-Pusateri and Museum team members Madeline Hanley and Ro Rode helped hand out the science fun packs at the DCI event


Handing out packs
The Museum’s table with science packs ready to go


More than 50 families drove through the event to pick up food supplies and other necessities. We shared the science packs with families who passed through and wound up giving out all 75 packs. We were thrilled to get these science packs in the hands of kids from around Durham.