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Thank you volunteers!

We couldn’t take care of the animals without our amazing team of Animal Care volunteers. April is volunteer appreciation month so I want to give a quick shout out to our amazing team of unpaid workers.

Dan’s been volunteering with us for almost 10 years. We’re so happy to have him back with us.


We missed them terribly in the first part of the pandemic when we couldn’t have any of them on grounds assisting us. Since late summer, we’ve been building our team back up. In March, over 215 hours worked were clocked in by our amazing team.


Amy has been coming in for many, many years. She spends a majority of her time doing water sampling and testing for us.


Mother-daughter team of Cassie and Cathy have been with us a couple years and have been highlighted in many previous posts. They even came in Christmas to help out!


Cathy making sure our dishes are cleaned and sanitized.


Cassie helping care of some of our Education Animals.


Kate had started volunteering with us right before the pandemic began and, along with CathyCassie (I sometimes call them by one name) were the first ones to jump back in to our limited workforce when we slowly began to reopen.


Go Kate! Got to get the carpet swept and windows cleaned before the day begins.


In late 2020 we began opening back up to new volunteers. The following folks are new to our team, and they have been a welcome addition!


Joyce steps in wherever needed. Perhaps one of her greatest assets is she loves jokes— an excellent outlet for our joke-y team members!


Volunteer Zoe– cleaning out Zoe the turtle’s tub.


Hailey gets our bearded dragons outside for some nice sunning time.


Volunteer John has spent some weeks helping us out twice each week!


Volunteer Emily, with Emily the alpaca behind her.


Renee found an egg while taking care of the chickens. We clean up the eggs we get and feed them to other Museum animals.


Caitlin gets some quality time with Lightning


Ainsley poses with one of our ball pythons while cleaning in our reptile room.


Emma raking the goat/donkey yard.


Finally, volunteer Donald has been a member of our team for 15 years or so. Most of his work is offsite right now due to the pandemic. But he, and others, haven’t forgotten us, as gift after gift after gift has been sent by him, and others, from our wish-list.  Thank you Donald, and everyone, for your continued support of the Animal Care Team.



Donald even sent us a replacement refrigerator for the lemur house!