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The Butterfly House challenge

Check out our newest school program! STEM Adventures: Butterfly House challenges learners to help us find our missing bees! This program leans into an escape room style of play where they must work together, discover clues, and solve puzzles. We have run this program a few times this year and have seen the joy and excitement in students and teachers alike!

This past week we served a local Durham Public School 4th grade class. This group of students got to learn all about pollinators and the importance of the work they do in our community and world.

Kids with an educator

They also experienced a bug program, where they met one of the Museum’s Hercules beetles, Hyperion.

Two hands holding a large beetle

Not only did this group solve all their puzzles, but they also cheered each other on throughout the entire process and celebrated each other’s successes.

In addition to the group above, we also have run STEM Adventures with a group of English Language Learners from a High School in Chatham County. This program, paired with the teacher’s instruction on pollinators and butterfly lifecycles, proved integral to providing vocabulary-building support.

Our Innovation and Learning team aims to better serve audiences that have historically marginalized. With that in mind, we create programming designed to engage all learners in a meaningful and inclusive way. We’re excited about our new Butterfly House challenge and look forward to sharing it with more school groups this year.