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Welcome back to The Lab!

The Lab is returning to regularly scheduled programming with a three-day weekend of science fun!

Each Saturday, join us to explore science topics with hands-on activities and experiments.

group in a lab work together

On Sundays, visitors can participate in active research alongside scientists who study early childhood, development, and psychology.

On Fridays, The Lab is debuting a brand-new experience for visitors to leave their mark on the Museum: The Lab Lounge!

Science is not only a tool and a way of questioning; it’s also a community. Science is something we do together! The Lab Lounge is a place for scientific musing with fellow visitors — the Museum’s scientific community. Each week, we will have a different prompt, question, or experiment, and visitors can decorate the Lab exhibit space with their data and ideas.

These contributions will be displayed on panels next to the Lab exhibit all week for everyone to see!

Some popular perceptions imagine science as serious, impartial, and often solitary. Films and television portray scientists who are most often celebrated as singular innovators whose contributions result entirely from their exceptional intellect and dedication. But, as the saying goes: we stand on the shoulders of giants. The extraordinary work of every scientist would not be possible without the scientific community around them, and that came before them.

Science is essentially social, emotional, creative, frustrating, wonderful — and human. Science has the power to connect us to the unbroken thread of community and human relationships that inform our understanding of the world!

We hope The Lab and the Lab Lounge can be a part of everyone discovering their inner scientist while also discovering the scientist in everyone else.