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Another Market season begins!

Spring is finally here, and farmers’ market season is underway! The Museum is grateful to the Durham Farmers’ Market staff along with the surrounding Durham community for supporting us with our sixth season at the downtown market. We took the necessary step outside of our 84-acre campus to offer free resources and education to any Durham resident who cannot regularly access us at the Museum. We value meeting people where they are, and it is proven well as we continue to form new partnerships. Because of this, we continuously engage with our local communities to ensure we are aware of their needs and help others on topics like food, health, social sciences, extreme heat, and the relation to our everyday lives and injustices we may face.

At the market, we strive to bring awareness to food, climate, and environmental justice issues all while making it comprehensible to younger audiences who should be informed but not scared of being hopeful for the future. We were fortunate to host biology PhD students from North Carolina State University who developed a curriculum on food justice, sharing with market-goers how plants and people get their food. People walked away with more knowledge of food deserts and a token button saying, “I am a scientist.”

The climate will continue to change. Durham residents should be informed of how it affects our day-to-day lives so we can make the best decisions for all communities. The Durham Farmers’ Market is a fitting example of a third-place space to have a casual, fun learning experience and shop for your food necessities. The market is a welcoming space for farmers, vendors, and residents to safely access fresh food, art, entertainment, and learning right in the heart of downtown Durham. Their goods are priced fairly to ensure any market-goers can purchase what is necessary without much worry.

Not only does the market cater to adults, but it also fosters autonomy in kids for participating in enrichment activities through a program called Sprouts Club. According to their website, Sprouts Club “provides a space for the youth in our community to learn about nutrition, seasonal eating, cooking tips, how to grow vegetables, composting, and much more.”

Any child who participates in Sprouts Club can receive five sprout bucks to spend at the market, allowing children the choice of making their own decisions within a controlled environment. They learn about the value of local farming and business while simultaneously ensuring funds remain within the community. Plus, it is one less item parents/guardians must add to their list of purchases!

We are also ecstatic to have started our first season at the Black Farmers’ Market on May 5! We are grateful to be invited into this space and look forward to building our partnership further. Come check us out on the first Sunday of the month at Durham Technical Community College.