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Say hello to the Museum’s first mink

We have a new resident in Carolina Wildlife: a mink! We believe he is the first mink we’ve ever had at the Museum.

On New Year’s Day, this male mink was rescued by Our Wild Neighbors, a wildlife rehabilitation facility in Hillsborough, NC, that has rescued over 3,000 animals. The mink was likely hit by a vehicle. It was seen by veterinarians and had no broken bones. Unfortunately, after five weeks of rehabilitation and rest, he could not move freely or eat on his own and was deemed unfit to return into the wild.

After recently losing our beloved barred owl, Good Eye, we had an open exhibit space inside Carolina Wildlife, where he will now live.

Mink looks at camera
Mink after arriving at Our Wild Neighbors. Photo credit: Our Wild Neighbors
Mink sleeps
Getting comfortable in his new exhibit at the Museum.

Mink are a native species to North Carolina and can be found throughout the entire state. However, they are rarely seen because they are nocturnal, solitary, and secretive. They are carnivores with a diet comprised mainly of meat and fish, grow up to three feet long, and live up to 10 years. The mink was transferred to the Museum last week and began his two-week quarantine on exhibit and in full public view.