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Yona’s physical

On Monday (September 27) we gave Yona, our 12-year-old female bear, a full physical. Five veterinarians (two attending, one exotics resident, one anesthesia resident, one radiology resident) and two students from NC State College of Veterinary Medicine performed her physical.

She was given a full-body assessment with a blood draw for further blood work.

They also did an ultrasound to be sure her internal organs are in proper working order.

She received her rabies and distemper vaccines.

Laser treatments and a medication injection for Yona’s arthritis were done on her front right elbow. In 2010, Yona had surgery on her elbow, you can read more about it here.

Gus and Mimi kept a close eye on all the action and even posed for a few photos.

Yona spent the afternoon and evening under observation in the bear house and was back in the bear habitat by Tuesday morning. We are thankful to have such dedicated care and veterinary teams.