clock 10 am – 5 pm
Overhead shot of a grassy field where children run over moguls through the mist.
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Into the Mist

Activate push-button mist fields and watch as droplets of water suspended in air form clouds that hover over small valleys. How do humidity and wind impact your misty landscape? Take a one-of-a-kind stroll through this cooling landscape and watch as rainbows appear then disappear. Climb through tunnels, make sand sculptures, or just sit, cool off, and observe the beauty of mist, landforms, and rock.

Be sure to visit the rest of Catch the Wind and explore more ways you can interact with air.

The Into the Mist playscape was generously funded by Larry and Sharon Crane.
A woman and boy jump through a cloud of mist under a blue wire dome.

Mist Dome

You control the mist! At the press of a button, mist jets fill this blue metal dome with a field of vapor that you can run, dance, and jump through.
A girl stands under a metal tree dripping water.

Rain Tree

Experiment with water dripping on wet sand—or maybe just your head! Build with sand and watch your structure change with the falling rain.

Climbing and tunnels

Explore underground tunnels or climb the rocks for a one-of-a-kind photo opportunity.