clock 10 am – 5 pm
A small girl tests a parachute out in a wind tube.
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Launch Lab

Explore aerodynamics in this hands-on installation located on the second floor of the Main Building.

Use common materials in unexpected ways to explore the principles of flight, gravity, and airflow. Pom poms, parachutes, and paper planes take flight as you test out propulsion and wind power.

A boy blows on a whirligig on top of a wind table.

Wind Tables and Tubes

Float, flip, swirl, and spin! Test parachutes, pinwheels, and a variety of other objects at one of our five specialized wind stations.
Two young boys test their paper airplane designs in an airplane launcher.

Paper Airplane Launchers

Take your paper airplane to a whole new level! Explore how different folding techniques affect your airplane's lift and thrust.
A boy acts with surprise as he launches a paper cup through a tube.

Ready, Set, Launch!

Experiment with wind power as you launch objects out of these tubes. What does it take to hit the ceiling? Can you get your object to hover halfway up the tube?