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An up-close view of the ants
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Leafcutter Ants

Watch thousands of hard-working leafcutter ants through a live microscopic zoom view of their colony. This exhibit provides a rare, up-close look at the daily routines of these remarkable creatures. Take a few minutes to watch them cut leaves, transport them through the colony, and cultivate a fungus garden. It’s all action, all the time for the leafcutter ants.

Find out why one member called this “the best exhibit at the Museum, hands down!

Ants, and lots of 'em!

Stronger than you?

Leafcutter ants are remarkably strong and can carry leaf fragments that are up to 20 times their body weight. Can you lift even half of your bodyweight?
Two members watching the ants

A well-organized team

Leafcutter ants are known for their incredibly structured social system. In nature, each colony can contain millions of ants, divided into castes, including workers, soldiers, and the queen.
A view from above the ants exhibit

Doing their part for the environment

Leafcutter ants play a vital role in the ecosystem. They contribute to nutrient cycling by breaking down plant matter and help in forest growth and soil aeration. What did YOU do today to help our ecosystem?