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Monarch Butterfly Eclipse

April 8

2 – 5 pm

This event is occurring on a Closed Monday. We’re hosting activities and festivities from 2 pm to 5 pm on the south side of campus, open free of charge to the public.

We have an upcoming Solar Eclipse on Monday, April 8th, 2024. A total solar eclipse will be visible from southwest Mexico up through Canada. This is the last total solar eclipse that will be visible from the continental United States until 2044. If you can travel to see the path of totality, we recommend it, but here in Durham, we should still see 80% coverage!

The path of the solar eclipse closely resembles the major migration route of Monarch Butterflies, so the Monarch Butterfly Eclipse Project is pairing the eclipse with conservation action for this species. Join us to explore astronomy, witness this spectacle firsthand, and learn about Monarch Butterflies and the importance of pollinators as we follow the path of the eclipse.

Our view of the eclipse will start at 2 pm, peak at 3:15 pm, and end at 4:30 pm.

We’ll be handing out free sweet treats from our incredible sponsor Jeni’s Ice Creams. While supplies last.

Thank you to our sponsors:

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