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A child with her parent inside Play to Learn, playing with light
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Play to Learn

One of our most popular exhibits, reimagined

Play to Learn invites children to practice new skills, flex their imaginations, and engage with others, which will help develop essential social, cognitive, and critical thinking skills for their success later in life. This reimagined version of the exhibit is almost three times the size of the previous exhibit and features a range of interactive activities for guests five and younger. It includes new amenities for kids and caregivers to make the experience more convenient and enjoyable for all.

girl on slide

The Gentle Zone

A safe, designated infant and toddler space for our smallest learners to explore, practice rolling, crawling, and walking, and engage with sensory activities.
A girl in the pattern play area

Pattern Play

An area for children to experiment with light and shadow, exploring pattern, shape, form, color, opacity, and color mixing, while developing self-awareness through interaction with the space and seeing the impact of their changes.
A mother and son playing in the ball area

Ball Play

This reimagining of our popular ball track experience allows for a crash course in cause and effect. Children will learn about the physical world as they bounce, roll, and drop balls in exhibits designed to explore gravity and other forces.
A child in the building zone with large blocks


An open-ended zone for kids to manipulate, construct, and use objects for pretend play, featuring large foam blocks, small builders, tiny blocks for younger children, and a small stage for story times and special programs.

Play is important work.

Watch children play in this exhibit, and you can see them experimenting in real-time: practicing new skills, flexing their imagination, and exploring their relationships with others. It’s one of the best ways for kids to learn about and understand the world around them.

A boy at the interactive wall