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Wander Away
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Wander Away

Connect with nature on this calming garden ramble near Earth Moves and the Sailboat Pond. Explore with your senses as the path shifts, from a fern garden shaded by loblolly pines to a sunny pollinator prairie. Look or listen for insects and birds. Notice how the plants change from day to day. Take a breather (or turn a cartwheel on the lawn) before returning to the main trail.

The Power of Plants

We designed Wander Away to show how plants adapt to the world around them. The same species grow taller on the bright south slope than the shadier north slope. Light-sensing blooms turn to follow the sun. Flower shapes co-evolved with the pollinators that visit them.

Wander Away pollinator

Children and Nature

Plants play a role in our own wellness. Mindful time in nature may have powerful effects on the brain, calming emotions and reducing stress. Wander Away can help kids cool down after visiting busier exhibits; try pausing for a quiet moment on the path, then sharing all the things that you saw, heard, or felt.

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